The colors of roses and their meanings

Today we are talking about a flower much desired for various occasions, the Roses . We know that sometimes the most difficult thing is to decide the color, so if you want to give roses to someone – family member or special person – pay attention to their symbolism, as these majestic flowers have a different meaning according to their colors. There are different types of roses, different sizes and colors… today we are going to tell you a little bit about the meaning of each color, so that your next purchase of roses can make your selection better.

Red roses

Classic red roses signify love, romance and the deepest affection for someone. For romantics and lovers this is the obvious choice!

Whom to offer?
To the love of your life or to that “friend” who has not yet noticed your interest.

White roses

These flowers convey innocence, peace and spirituality, which is why the tone is the choice of many brides for the bouquet used on their wedding day. White also means thanks.

Whom to offer?
For your future bride or for that friend who keeps all your secrets from childhood.

pink roses

The Pink Rose represents delicacy, femininity, beauty, youth and love. It also means tenderness, sweetness and harmony.

Whom to offer?

Generally, pink roses are offered to young people as a birthday present, to mothers, mothers-in-law, aunts, as they are neutral and delicate.

yellow roses

It’s the color of friendship! Sun, joy and youth are often associated with yellow roses. The message here is clear: there is no chance for romance in this relationship. Offering yellow roses is also a classic way to give someone a gift, as it is a cheerful color and represents prosperity and wealth.

Whom to offer?
For your yoga teacher or that friend who still doesn’t understand that there is no interest on your part.

Black roses

They are extremely rare as they do not naturally exist in nature and despite their beauty they literally mean death. In the case of relationships, black roses mean the end. But not everything is bad, we mustn’t forget that black also symbolizes elegance and sophistication

Whom to offer?
To the hairdresser who ruined his hair or that person who has already canceled a date three times in a row.

blue roses

Like black roses, blue roses don’t exist naturally either. Usually the blue rose symbolizes mystery, spirituality and the reach of the unattainable.

Whom to offer?
Blue Roses can be given to a family member, a friend, a friend or a special person.

To complete

It should be noted that these meanings are just popular and the meaning should be for each of us to attribute and demystify it! These meanings help but at the same time you can use the colours with no meanings to create the messages you would love to say differently. It could be her favourite colours or his colours. The flowers could symbolize a simple message to a person like “I’m Sorry”, “Congratulations”, “Welcome Baby” or send a deeper meaning, ” Our love has no bounds” ” Anniversary” and lots more. Always remember you can create your unforgettable memories and say it differently with flowers.