Natural flower box: how to care?

Flower boxes are elegant and sophisticated, in addition to always having the added value of when the flowers end their life cycle, you can always keep the box for a variety of purposes: to store jewelry, perfumes, chocolates… anyway, what he wants! And in this way it becomes a “forever” gift, because we are always left with a part of this set to remember.

What makes up the box?

First, it is important to understand the “anatomy” of the box. In our online store you will find, like the branches, three box sizes: Base, Premium and Excellent that translate into small, medium and large, respectively. The way to estimate them is always the same regardless of size, in all of them the technique used is the same: the flowers are worked on a damp sponge and all around, inside, the box is covered with cellophane, so that sponge water does not damage the carton.

Care #1: Hydration

When it comes to flowers, keeping them hydrated is always essential. If you received the box a short time ago, then the sponge inside has already reached you properly hydrated by us, so that in the first few days you just have to enjoy its flowers. After two or three days, the sponge starts to dry and this will be the ideal time to insert a little water inside the box, so that the flowers remain hydrated. If you add water from the side, you run the risk of water remaining on the outside of the cellophane that covers it, so we suggest a safer option: putting water inside the box through the center, with a funnel. This way, you’ll be able to put water between the flowers without taking unnecessary risks, as shown in the image.

Caution #2: Light

Light is another very important factor for your flowers to stay fresh. We should always keep the flower box in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Attention: do not confuse direct sunlight with brightness! All flowers like luminosity, but don’t appreciate sunlight falling directly on them.

If I take them out of the box, can I still enjoy the flowers?

When you feel that the sponge is no longer absorbing, after a few days, you can always remove the flowers from the box. At this stage, you can throw away the cellophane and the sponge inside, thus saving the box for any other purpose that you understand. Cut the stems of the flowers about 1 cm in a bevel (45º), so that the flower can “drink” more water and stay hydrated for longer. Remove any leaves that may have the flower and place them, for example, in small vases or decorative ornaments with water, so that you can still enjoy them for a few more days!

I liked the tips, but it’s too much for me…

Another suggestion for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time taking care of these details are the preserved rose boxes , also known as eternal roses, which last between 1 to 5 years! Preserved flowers aren’t exactly economical, but they can represent a good investment in the long term, that is, these boxes are always beautiful, they don’t need hydration or great care, except to avoid direct sun exposure… They act as a timeless decorative piece that always looks elegant and looks natural for more than a year.

What tip did you find most useful? Tell us everything in the comments!