5 ideas for an unpredictable Valentine’s Day

This year Valentine’s Day will be different! We’re going to have a Valentine’s Day with less trips, less travel, but that doesn’t mean we won’t stop offering flowers to our better half!

This day is considered by many to be the most romantic day of the year, which is why it is best suited to flowers. So that nothing gets out of your control, taking into account the current situation in the country, today we want to give you some ideas so that you can surprise your loved ones in the best way and in the comfort of your own home. Count on us to receive your flower order and prepare everything without anyone suspecting anything.

This seems like the right time to make those “film scenes” that look beautiful and that taste even better… Let’s do it?

the early riser

If it’s that morning boyfriend who wakes up early but leaves his princess to rest a little longer, prepare a good breakfast for him and take him to bed, accompanied by a bouquet of fresh flowers from our collection. 

The magic

For those who like spontaneity, there’s nothing better than receiving your bouquet and keeping it in that place where no one will notice. This is the opportunity to take the flowers out of the hat without her suspecting anything, thus creating a super unexpected moment!

spa lovers

For incurable romantics and lovers of relaxation, this is the day to prepare an exquisite and romantic bubble bath: indulge in candles, petals and scattered flowers!

the cook

And of course… for those who can’t do without the usual romantic dinner, make the most of this day at home to grab your cookbook and prepare a special dinner with a table full of flowers, as well as the surrounding environment!

The brave One

Finally, we believe that this is really a year to give free rein to your imagination and create different ideas to surprise you. For example, if this is the year that you’re going to take the special step and propose to your better half, then why not surprise yourself with a box of roses and place the wonderful piece of jewelry in the center?

There are countless ideas that you can have to provide a special moment on this day when love is celebrated, but one thing cannot be missing regardless of the idea: fresh flowers!

Which of these ideas will you put into practice? Tell us everything in the comments!

Note that: Valentine’s Day in 2022 is a Monday, when we do not deliver, and the following tips assume early delivery, for example, on Saturday morning.